Connect domain to droplet without using NS records

June 9, 2014 3.2k views
Hi, can i connet my domain to a droplet without using NS records, but using droplet IP, like this DNS records @ A droplet-ip www A droplet-ip thanks
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WHAT? What kind of question is this. If you are not using a NS to make DNS records, you can only use the IP. What are you trying to do? What you say means nothing.
  • hey hey ... Keep calm azswett. Digitaloceans DNS tutorial advice to use NS (ex : NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM.) into registrar record. So my question is simple maybe poorly explained, can i use (it's everything the same) using droplet-ip insted of NS records ?
  • If you run your own Nameserver, sure. But are you talking about DNS records in the Nameserver or setting the NameServer on your domain
Domains mean nothing to devices, they use IPs. Domains are introduced to help humans remember addresses more easily. For an example, if you request, your browser will first look into it's cache, than it will pass to your OS resolver, if he has nothing, he'll then ask your ISP, if he's got nothing, eventually someone will knock on the doors of an authoritative .com server and he'll say something in the lines of: I'm not sure man, but knows, ask him. And since DO's NS has IP of your droplet matching, he'll give your IP away and you're ready to connect to your droplet. Therefore, you cannot use domain if there is no Nameserver to resolve that domain to an IP. ________________________________________________________________ Q: Can I use droplet's IP instead of the NS? A: No.
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