Connect Prompt (iOS app) to Digital Ocean via ssh

January 13, 2019 600 views
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So I’m trying to access to my server using my iOS device trough an App called Prompt 2, it’s connect via ssh.

My data in prompt is:

SHH | IP of the server
Port | 22
Username | root
Password | The password

the error I get is: “Credentials were not accepted by the server”

I tried with another VPS provider and worked with no problems. So I asume is something with Digital Ocean.

Anyone using this App was able to connect via ssh to Digital Ocean?

1 Answer


When you create a droplet with your public key the droplet is configured to accept public key authentication and refuse password authentication, I think this is your problem to make sure open this file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and make sure that PasswordAuthentication is set to yes not no, then restart ssh with this command sudo servcie ssh restart

Hope this helps

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