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December 3, 2014 2.1k views

Hello :)
I’d like to connect a subdomain to a DI droplet.
I’ve asked my domain provider what to do and he said I might just add an A Record for that subdomain and set the IP, but that didn’t work.
I will just list my current settings as I’m new to DNS and am not sure if these settings are important to know. I can access my website using and, it is hosted on

Hostname Type Priority Target MX 100 domainFACTORY
* MX 100 domainFACTORY A 11.222.333.44
* A 11.222.333.44 A 99.888.777.66

Could you help set the right settings?

Thank you!

1 Answer

The problem you encountered is likely due to the wildcard subdomain records you have in place. If a visitor were to request this request would match both your current record:

* A 99.888.777.66

and a record set up for the new subdomain:

do A 99.888.777.66

If you want to point some subdomains to one location and some to another I would generally recommend avoiding using the wildcard record.

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