Connecting from DO Kubernetes to a service on another DO Droplet in same account.

November 21, 2018 827 views
Kubernetes Networking

I built a based continuous integration server using the helm chart on Digital Ocean hosted Kubernetes. Mostly it is working. I can run build pipelines and fetch images from docker hub.

However, I cannot connect to another resource that is hosted in Digital Ocean behind a load balancer (my private docker registry that I have hosted the old fashioned way directly on a droplet)

If I create a pod on the drone kubernetes cluster, I can connect to the service in DO, but when a container is invoked by the drone agent using dind (docker-in-docker) it can't connect.

Any pointers for troubleshooting?

1 Answer

Still have this problem. I have done some more troubleshooting and it seems that it has something to do with Drone's use of docker-in-docker. When I create a fresh pod and exec in that directly I can get to the other DO services. But when I run a shell (or whatever) inside docker-dind, then it can't route to other DO services (even though it can get to Internet services.)

Probably something simple but beyond my current abilities vis-a-vis Kubernetes cluster networking.

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