Connecting via ssh "Network Error: Connection refused"

November 4, 2014 14.3k views

Hello, i've followed this guide:
and this guide:
but i cant connect via putty or filezilla it gives me the same error.
If you need more info please let me know.

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  • Does it work with your password instead of your keyfile? If so ensure that your public key is in authorized_keys

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Ouch dude. This is something that happened to me too often.

First off, try pinging your server. Does it respond?
Assuming it does, hop on your VNC access and run:

/usr/bin/ssh status

If it responds with:

[ ok ] ssh is running

then you're having a bad day. Check /var/log/auth.log, does it say anything about turning you down for not having an SSH key?

If it doesn't, please provide your history (either run "history > history.txt" or "cat ~/.bash_history > history.txt") and Paste it. There's a bunch of possibilities, ranging from things as simple as chmoding incorrectly.

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