Connection blocked on my server?

October 26, 2014 2.5k views


currently I have a plugin running on my virtual server, within the php of this plugin it uses curl to get data from another url not situated on this server. Currently something seems to be stopping this, has this happened to anyone and do you have any suggestion?


  • This is way too little information. You’re not telling us where you try to connect to and what kind of response you get. Try to be more complete.

  • Sorry but developer is asking me about it and he wanted to explain things that way.

    What basically he’s trying to do is to pull data via csv data feeds (using a Wordpress plugin) from other websites but for some reasons connection doesn’t work and he thought there was a firewall or something like that blocking connection.

    Does it make more sense or should i ask for further details?


  • Post the output of the curl that you’re trying to do. Add some verbosity to it while you’re at it.

  • Thanks cherwin, i am asking back to developer to provide more details and hopefully there’s a solution to this.

    Will update as soon as i get an answer from him.
    Thanks again,
    Have a good day

  • Hi,

    i am back with some more information from developer.
    This is what he just told me:

    *I have now uploaded an even simpler script onto your server which has nothing to do with Compare, it simple tries to read from This works on my server and not on yours, please point your hosting company to this to ask them why it does not run on your server? The output from the script basically says it cannot connect to


    Does anyone have an idea about what’s wrong?


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