Connection closed by foreign host

January 10, 2016 2.1k views


Im having a issue with my droplet, i have destroyed droplet many times, reset password thro my account in digital ocean, but still connect in with PuTTy or Xshell5. When i log with password provided in my email i have only one option to change unix password, when i type my password it just close a connection.

“Connection closed by foreign host”

Help will be more than welcome.

1 Answer

This is a common issue which stems from confusion in the password change process. Here is what happens:

1.) On logging in you are prompted for your temporary password. Entering it this first time logs you in.
2.) Now that you’re logged in the password reset process is started automatically. The first thing it does is verify your current (temporary password). You need to enter your current password a second time. If you do not enter the password correctly here you are logged off with the connection closed message.
3.) Now you are prompted to enter a new password twice.

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