Connection is not established Space and Wordpress

July 3, 2019 139 views

I have error when check connection. Please Help me

Connection is not established. : Error executing “ListObjects” on “”; AWS HTTP error: Client error: GET resulted in a 404 Not Found response: NoSuchBuckettx0000000000001a020cea1-005d1c6f62-284c (truncated…) NoSuchBucket (client): - NoSuchBuckettx0000000000001a020cea1-005d1c6f62-284cc8-sgp1a284cc8-sgp1a-sgp

Link image:
Update: I fix DO Spaces Container:anonyviet
And it OK

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Happy to hear that you managed to fix the issue! Can you just confirm the exact steps that you took to fix the problem?


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