Connection reset by peer?

May 6, 2014 7.6k views
I'm getting this error when trying to ssh into my droplet: `ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer` I was able to login an hour ago, not sure what is going on.
  • Even I am facing constant Connection reset problems in singapore region. IT occurs when using VIM and editing code.

    Not sure what is going on.

    I will add the -vv option and update the results.

  • Happened to me on a droplet that ran out of memory.

  • just want to add that I had the same error being generated on file uploads. turned out I was running out of memory too. resized my droplet and haven’t had a recurrence.

  • Fixed it for me as well.

    Anybody know why that is the case? As we don’t really have much going on on the Server

1 Answer
Add "-vv" to your ssh command will provide more debugging information. So:

ssh -vv root@your.ip.address

That should give you a better idea of what the real issue is here. If you continue to have problems accessing your droplet, please feel free to file a support ticket.
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