Connection timed out on Vodafone and some ISPs

Posted March 25, 2019 4.3k views
DNSUbuntu 18.04

I’m facing this weird issue. my site doesn’t load on Vodafone network and but works on some others.
Error: Connection timed out.

I’ve tried everything from switching from cloudflare DNS and moving to new server. Deactivating all plugins.
Still no luck. Any solution?

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The best approach would be to perform a MTR from your machine towards your domain and if there’s a packet loss on their end, reach out to Vodafone directly so they can troubleshoot further. Also, sending them your public IP address might help them speed up troubleshooting. You precisely want to run a MTR towards your domain and not the ordinary traceroute.

For more information on setting up and running MTR (with the --report flag) you can refer to this article:

by Justin Ellingwood
In this guide, we will discuss how to use traceroute and mtr to diagnose network issues. These tools and utilities will provide a good overview of what stage of the network is causing problems. You can tell if an issue falls within your realm of influence or whether you need to contact the owners or maintainers of alternate networks.
  • I did a traceroute and I got * asterisk

    I called the ISP with this issue, even they don’t have a solution.

    • This traceroute suggests that the traffic is not leaving the local network, in route to your DigitalOcean droplet. Though it pains me to ever say this, that is an issue that would either need to be resolved on your local network or with your ISP.

      That it’s a 192.168 address suggests local network, though that could just be the way the ISP numbers their first hop in their regional network (I’m honestly not sure).

I suggested you run MTR instead of traceroute, but the traceroute you linked to shows the traffic isn’t leaving your local network, which suggests there’s an issue with your Internet connection. You might want to give your ISP a call and ask them what might be going on.

Also, I’ve noticed the web site is available on 3 different IPs which suggests there’s some kind of load balancing/throttling on your web server and there might be an additional issue with the load balancer related to traffic coming from specific IP ranges belonging to specific ISPs (such as Vodafone).

Since nothing worked out. I decided to migrate the site to a new domain I really hope it doesn’t happen again

  • Migrating the web site to another domain likely won’t resolve the root cause. As I’ve explained above, the issue is related to your local network since the request doesn’t leave your router for some reason. Reaching out to your local ISP would be the best option. I can load the web site on the existing domain just fine and it’s also reachable from the droplets I have running at the moment.