Connection timeout on Node.js app

May 26, 2014 5.2k views
Hi, I followed this tutorial to setup a node.js app on my CentOS: and I can confirm the node.js is correctly configured by: $ node -v v0.10.28 after running my app on the server on port 8080: $node app.js I cannot get access to it on my browser (e.g. http://ADDRESS:8080/?data=123 , it returns "Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT". However, the same app.js code runs fine on my local machine, is there anything I am missing? The server address is reachable when using "ping" Thanks.
1 Answer
Can you pastebin your apps source code? It's possible that the app itself is simply timing out. Try adding a basic route that just outputs text and see if that times out too.
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