Connection to Apache server blocked?

May 20, 2018 705 views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

I have setup my droplet and installed VestaCP using the instructions at (I have successfully installed Vesta previously on my local machine and on AmazonAWS with no problems.) While I can access my Vesta control panel with no problems using my domain, I cannot access a sample web page (even when I can confirm that the page exists on the server). Apache seems to be listening on port 80 and the Vesta firewall permits connections on that port. I have temporarily disabled by DigitalOcean firewall. Yet, the server consistently refuses the connection. I have attempted this a number of times, all with the same result. Do I need to do something to enable http connections to my droplet?

1 Answer

There isn’t anything special you need to do to allow web traffic.

You could try using curl on your droplet to see if the web server will respond to local requests if you can then it is likely a firewall related issue.

Does Vesta report on service status? If so what is being shown for Apache?

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