Connections refused when admission webhooks are called in Kubernetes cluster?

December 18, 2018 890 views

I’ve been trying to deploy and configure Istio within a Kubernetes cluster (both with and without Helm), but there seems to be an issue when it comes to the webhooks it uses. The sidecar injector and the config validation webhooks return with a failed calling admission webhook: connection refused error, despite all pods and services running correctly.

I’ve seen mentions of required kube-apiserver plugins (MutatingAdmissionWebhook and ValidatingAdmissionWebhook) for these webhooks to function - are these included with the Kubernetes clusters we create? Or is there something additional in DigitalOcean that is blocking these requests? Does anyone else have experience with this issue?

1 Answer

Hi friend, I checked with our internal DOKS team and at a high level they note that the admission webhook permissions are enabled by default. They’d like to take a look at your cluster directly, so in order to kick that off can you please log a ticket (as your control panel user) on

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