consider accept payment using Debit Card

September 8, 2013 11.4k views
I hope in the future the payment system for purchasing package will be support with Debit Card, because not all people have credit card, because in my country there is alot people using debit card, not credit card best regards
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We do accept payments using debit cards. If you can't add your card, please open up a support ticket.

it accepted my debit card details , I created a droplet and after 2 hours it disconnected after all the work done on it ..I don't really understand the whole payment method
@techbitsz: The charges rack up on your account and your card will be charged at the end of the month.
I just added my visa debit card. But no luck.
Please open up a support ticket if you are having billing issues. Thanks.
yes I opened a support ticket but the supporter told me that: We can not accept visa debit card for billing.
So sad to heard that :(
I also couldn't pay with my debit card, but I was able to make the payment using paypal.
so debit cardd payments are not allowed?
You have to open a support ticket and they may accept it.

I’ve tried today, debit card is not acceptable (required credit card)

Same for me. I can’t add my debit card, i though that it’s a bank issue, but no. I really want to move to digital ocean but i can’t pay for the services. Thanks in advance !

I’ve tried alot time , debit card is not acceptable (required credit card) or paypal.
My debit card is MasterCard

There has been a response to your ticket:


Welcome to DigitalOcean! At this time we do not support Debit Cards such as the one you have used. To activate your account, you will need to add a non-Debit credit card or make a PayPal payment.

To add a new credit card, or make a PayPal payment, navigate to your payment methods page:

Click on either the “Add Credit Card” button in the top right corner or select the “Pay Now” button in the PayPal section. Please let us know if you have any issues at all.

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