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I’m running OSX 10.11.6 and when I try to access the console for one of my droplets I get an extremely slow response time, it could be up to 1 minute from the point I type something until it appears in the console. I tried accessing the console via Chrome (55.0.2883.95) and Firefox (51.0.1) but both have the same issue.

It was working well a while back but I haven’t used it much since, thanks

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  • Try Microsoft Edge browser - it worked much better for me and made the console actually useful. Chrome and Firefox seem to struggle.

    As a test, open your digital ocean console in both Chrome and Edge at the same time side by side on your screen, enter a command in Chrome and Edge will update nearly immediately showing you the results. Chrome sits there forever before you see the results.

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Since the console (from within the DigitalOcean CP) is web based, I’ve noticed it can be a little slow at times, which is why I’ll normally use Terminal on my MBP – that and I prefer to have more control than what is provided from a web based solution.

When you can’t access Terminal, it’s a viable solution, though in most all other cases, Terminal is the best method to login to your server on a Mac.

  • I normally login to the droplets via SSH (from the Terminal) but I use the console if I want to observe the boot process or make a change on the server the screws up SSH

    • @larynx1982

      If it’s super-slow, I’d at least get a ticket in to see if perhaps there’s an issue – can’t hurt and may point out an issue they may not be aware of just yet, or if they are, perhaps they can provide more details.

      • I reset my Firefox profile and tried again and it seems to be working much better in Firefox although Chrome still has that same issues so I think it might some of the settings/extensions. I’ll look into it, thank you for the reply

The DigitalOcean Web-based console is always a backup, emergency option for you to access your droplet, in those cases you mistakenly configured your firewall or SSH server.

Normally, you can simply open your Terminal in Launchpad, and type in ssh user@hostname(IP or domain) to access your server.

While demanding monitor boot status, I suppose properly configure logs is a better option.

This is a big issue for us - the console is close to useless. When the ssl deamon stops responding (a common issue on DO wms) debugging takes hours in stead of minutes. Sometimes I just delete and rebuild the droplet from a snapshot - way faster.

All I use the console for is to add an ssh key so I can ssh in. It is soooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwww that even doing that is beyond it’s abilities. Pasting in about 30 chars at a time, waiting for it to work, checking it has reached the end of the line, pasting in the next 30 chars is the only way to do it. It’s excruciating and I’m taking a break to vent some of my frustration! Permission denied if I try and ssh in any other way. Oh and there is the entertaining way it gets stuck in toggling the capitalisation of text so that all the uppercase goes to lower case and visa versa. Only vi or nano, not on the command line. And it’s switched to dark blue on black (which I can’t read), how did that happen? I would so love a simple console that just worked!

Back again trying to modify the ssh key via the console so I can login and pasting a few characters at a time, checking there are not extra spaces and it hasn’t changed the case or suddenly started inserting in the middle of the text. Half an hour at this! Is there no other way?

It’s apparently using PuTTY and if true it’s a shame!