Console Stopping when I enter a command

November 12, 2016 1.5k views
MEAN Ubuntu

Hi Guys, I'm new here in digitalocean.

So anyone knows how to fix this? my console is stopping along with the browser when I enter any commands. this is a pain in the ass since I want to work continuously.

already cleaned browsers and deleted its caches.
tried with opera, chrome and chromium. all of it are experiencing the problem.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

I think it's a bug with Console. I have same problem, not always but it happens.

I was playing a lot around it, found out cases when it happens and potential problem. It's sent as bug report to DigitalOcean. We don't know when it'll be fixed but we hope it will be soon. =)

In meanwhile, I recommend SSH. How To Connect To Your Droplet with SSH will show you how to do it. If you really depend on Console, I think you'll have better party with Firefox. :D

by Melissa Anderson
DigitalOcean Droplets are managed using a terminal and SSH. SSH is an encrypted network protocol for remote server login and command execution. It is the standard method used for accessing and interacting with Linux servers. This tutorial shows how to connect to a DigitalOcean Droplet for the first time by using the OpenSSH client.

Edge works very well for me, Chrome does not work after a while and kept killing my browser tabs, it's probably a console bug like the answer above.

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