Console stuck in caps lock mode?

September 16, 2015 3.9k views
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Not sure how it happened, but my droplet's console (the browser one) is stuck in caps lock mode. How can I get it back to normal?

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Looks like rebooting the server helps. Try to login through the console (although having the caps lock stuck) and issue the reboot command: sudo reboot
You will be logged out. After the reboot login again.
Hope this helps!

  • Reboot was the solution for me. Unfortunately the terminal did not recognize the command when entered with caps, so I needed to reboot via droplet -> power -> powercycle. Thanks!

Same problem here (while setting up SSH-- incredibly frustrating!)

My workaround had been to hold SHIFT for lowercase, which is fun while editing ssh_config in vim.

In case it saves someone some frustration, you can tell the console that caps lock is on with the command:

setleds -D +caps

...which will negate the confused console app. (Actual caps lock key may work, but mine is remapped to CTRL)

Oh, and yes, the problem began when I pasted my public key into the terrible console app. After failing for several minutes to configure sshd to allow password-based authentication, the ultimate solution was to put the public key in a pastebin and wget / curl it from the console.

I'm having this same problem however I am on a Dell XPS 13 9350 and there is no "Alt Gr" key on the keyboard.

  • @etmartinkazoo

    I was having a similar issue but it turned out the caps lock was out of sync, ie. when my windows was in caps lock, the console was not and vice versa. Not sure yet how to correct this, but it's manageable at present lol.

    • @etmartinkazoo

      I think the issue I was having with the Digital Ocean web console is related to the Logitech Mouse and Keyboard Settings app on my Windows PC. When I exit that, there is no problem. Not sure that is what you are running into but just thought I would mention it.

Caps lock is out of sync. Happened when I tried to paste text into the console. I have a mac. I haven't found a solution yet.

the console is dysfunctional to the point of being unusable. caps lock, and various other issues. not clear how to add the authorized_keys in, trying through console.

it is a chicken and egg question, how to get the login set up.

a nightmare

Same is happening to me, I even tried rebooting but it didn't help. I'm on MacOS and it all started after a copy paste... Problem is I need to add a new SSH manually (i changed my client) and the only way I can do it is from the web console... Any ideas?

this has been an issue for 4 years? typing seems fine, but copying and pasting in to the terminal changes the casing - completely unusable

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