Console stuck in caps lock mode?

Posted September 16, 2015 39.1k views
Linux Commands

Not sure how it happened, but my droplet’s console (the browser one) is stuck in caps lock mode. How can I get it back to normal?

  • This is happening to me also. Although it’s always been caps lock for me. Really strange.

  • This issue was posted four years ago with over 5k views, but no solution yet… I wonder how may devs have wasted hours and ultimately ditched DigitalOcean because of this.

  • this happened to me while i was copy pasting a mysql DDL script. Rebooting helped.

  • If your problem came after you copy paste in the console your public key the solution is the following:

    • make sure you don’t have the caps button on
    • keep shift key pressed while you write the word “reset” in your console After the reset command your terminal should be back to normal.

    And the solution to copy paste your public key is to copy paste chunks of it, i do it in chunks no bigger than 30 characters and it work, but you need to do it a couple of times to get your whole key.

  • Yeah, this is pretty bad. Power cycle also helped me, but that’s a terrible solution for many reasons.

    DigitalOcean…please get a dev on this for a day and get it resolved. This is pretty embarrassing and surprised it hasn’t been fixed in 5+ years. And if you don’t have the cycles, then release the source code for the web console you are using or point to it and let us hack at it to provide some improvement patches. Then you just have to review the code and apply. Even if it seems like a low priority, it really shouldn’t be. When you get to the point you need the console, it’s pretty terrible to be fighting caps lock constantly (esp. in pasting).

    As always, love the products, but this is a bit of a failure in the table stakes of cloud VMs. <3

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Shift+Caps Lock fixed the issue for me

Same problem here (while setting up SSH– incredibly frustrating!)

My workaround had been to hold SHIFT for lowercase, which is fun while editing ssh_config in vim.

In case it saves someone some frustration, you can tell the console that caps lock is on with the command:

setleds -D +caps

…which will negate the confused console app. (Actual caps lock key may work, but mine is remapped to CTRL)

Oh, and yes, the problem began when I pasted my public key into the terrible console app. After failing for several minutes to configure sshd to allow password-based authentication, the ultimate solution was to put the public key in a pastebin and wget / curl it from the console.

the console is dysfunctional to the point of being unusable. caps lock, and various other issues. not clear how to add the authorized_keys in, trying through console.

it is a chicken and egg question, how to get the login set up.

a nightmare

Looks like rebooting the server helps. Try to login through the console (although having the caps lock stuck) and issue the reboot command: sudo reboot
You will be logged out. After the reboot login again.
Hope this helps!

  • Reboot was the solution for me. Unfortunately the terminal did not recognize the command when entered with caps, so I needed to reboot via droplet -> power -> powercycle. Thanks!

This is beyond useless. I can’t find any way to add an ssh key to my authorized_keys file.

this has been an issue for 4 years? typing seems fine, but copying and pasting in to the terminal changes the casing - completely unusable

Caps lock is out of sync. Happened when I tried to paste text into the console. I have a mac. I haven’t found a solution yet.

This is bs, so annoying

Same problem here - console unusable!!!


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