[console] stuck in Login promp with prefix and postfix every keyboard input

July 16, 2017 968 views
Ubuntu Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04

I’m new user in here and I was on console panel and try to edit ssh_config using nano to apply ssh password auth. Suddenly, my connection to console panel timeout. When i try to open console panel again, login required. But, when i type my username
ex: uname **
the output was **[u^ [n^ [a^ [m^ [e^

I can’t login to my doplet because I’m not adding my public key to authorized_key yet. So, I have no idea what I’m gonna do. If there any same experience or maybe have solution I really grateful, thank you

1 Answer

Hi @platformsid

It looks like the Ctrl key is stuck (not on your keyboard, but virtually on the server).
Every time I’ve seen issues with characters input, a simple reboot fixes the issue. But since you cannot login, then it would have to be a hard reboot via the control panel.

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