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August 29, 2017 137 views
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I have a contact form on my website that sends me a notification when someone submits a message. However this form doesn't work because of the smtp block on my account (new users have to wait 60 days apparently)

I've emailed the account safety Team explaining my situation but they insist I have to wait the 60 days. So I'm wondering if there is any other way I can set up the contact form to notify me when someone leaves a message on my website?

If it helps, I use g suite for email on my domain.

I'm not looking to set up a full blown mail server. The emails will only be going to my email address which is hosted with g suites as mentioned above.

Apologies if the answer seems trivial, but this is my first time trying out an unmanaged vps service. I've always used shared hosting plans with cPanel in the past.

Page in question:

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I would use a hosted solution like until the SMTP block has been lifted.

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