Cookieless domain for static files configuration

October 10, 2014 2.7k views


I have bought and installed the domain successfully.

I have read that the only thing I need to do now is to enter the CNAME correctly. But how do I do that?

I have 1 Droplet with 3 websites on it and 1 of the websites is the domain above. I would like to use to serve static content for all of my websites on the Droplet.

So, how do I configure the CNAME for all websites so I can use my domain and do I need to do any other configs aswell?

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  • Your question is confusing. It's hard to tell whether you need help configuring a CNAME, or using a certain domain to serve static content, or both.

1 Answer

Sorry about that!

I would like to configure the CNAME. How do I do that?

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