Copied URL of Radio Stations and Listen Feed of Radio Stations Copied and Pasted to My Stations in Device Management Fails to Connect

March 3, 2018 738 views

Ocean Digital model WR-232 but shows MA-230 in System Information display.
The radio performed a firmware upgrade immediately after opened out of box automatically.
Was the wrong firmware or station list loaded into the radio?
Most (Not all) pre-loaded stations work but I cannot listen to stations added to the My Stations in the Device Manager.
I have tried both the station’s general homepage URL address and also the station’s live streaming URL address. I get replies “Failed to Connect” Invalid URL, “Failed to Play”.
Stations I have tried are KMBZ, KCMO, WNAX and KANU.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

1 Answer

Hi! We’re DigitalOcean, not Ocean Digital.

Ocean Digital is a Hong Kong based company that sells Internet radio appliances and other consumer electronics.

DigitalOcean is a NYC based public cloud provider that offers virtual servers for developers and startups.

You can find Ocean Digital’s contact information here.

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