copy some code from github and past to console access

July 5, 2016 811 views
VPN DigitalOcean

i have copy some code from github and would like to paste on console access of digitalocean, but it can't even right click or ctrl + v. please instruct me how to do?

best regard

1 Answer

Unfortunately the web console does not support copy/paste functions. It is intended as an emergency access method and not for daily use. We strongly recommend using an SSH client to connect to and manage your droplet.

This guide will assist you in connecting to your droplet via SSH from Windows, OSX(macOS) or Linux.

If you have recently created a DigitalOcean Droplet, and you are new to working with Linux servers, you will need to learn how to use SSH to connect to and manage it. SSH, which stands for Secure Shell, is an encrypted network protocol that is used to for, among other...
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