Copying Wordpress Droplet

December 5, 2014 2k views

I would like to make a copy of my wordpress site in a new droplet. I created an image and then created a new droplet from that image but when I navigate to that IP address it just says that "This website is not available". Do I need to do something with the LAMP setup if I made a direct copy. I realize that need to direct my domain to the site but I seem to remember that at least the homepage usually works without that. I am scared of directing my domain towards the server without being able to test if it works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Something funny happened in the setup process. I simply redid it and now it works. Thanks for your help!

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There should not be any more to do but it sounds like Apache may not have started properly on boot. I would recommend logging into your droplet and attempting to restart the service:

sudo service apache2 restart

If the service fails to start or you are still unable to reach the page in a browser by using the IP address you should check the apache error log file in /var/log/apache2/

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