CoreOS ssh asks for password

March 11, 2016 4.8k views

I’m trying to set up a new coreOS install and when I try to ssh in it asks for the password. Everytime this question is asked the answer is always to use the core user instead of root but I m using core. The command I’m running

ssh core@<droplet ip>

I have another droplet that my ssh keys work with and I added those existing keys when creating my CoreOS droplet.

Thank you for your help,

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Hi Greg,

You’ll want to make sure that you are using an RSA keypair to log in and not a DSA keypair. That should do the trick.


  • I’m using RSA keypair and coreuser instead of root but coreos is still asking for password (ssh key is added to DO account via control panel). Here I read that You cannot, however, use the control panel to add keys to already created droplets Also I did `cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh "cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" but it still asking for password. Assuming that you can add ssh keys to existing droplets only via digitalocean API.

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