CoreOS support on Droplets?

July 23, 2014 5.7k views

Was wondering if anyone knew if Digital Ocean will be providing a Droplet with CoreOS ( ) on it? IMHO would be interesting to test across multiple Droplets...

8 Answers

We currently do not support CoreOS, however, it is planned and you can follow the progress on our suggestions board.

I too am highly interested in running/experimenting-with CoreOS and Digital Ocean seems like the perfect place for it.

Me three! CoreOS on Digital Ocean would be hot!

I'm happy to say that CoreOS is now available on DigitalOcean. For more info, check out the blog post with the announcement and this tutorial series with all the details on getting up and running.

I've tried twice to create a droplet with CoreOS but in return i get Ubuntu one? Is anyone experiencing the same?

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