CoreOS won't update after restoring from snapshot

May 27, 2016 1.4k views
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I'm using single CoreOS instance and I've just noticed that it had not updated since 899.17, whats up with that? I restored it from snapshot which had same cloud config.

My cloud config:

sudo update_engine_client -update
[0527/] Initiating update check and install.
[0527/] Waiting for update to complete.
[0527/] Update failed.
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I believe this is because CoreOS holds back on updates on the the stable version, which is held at 899.17(from the date you sent this question). It's now updated and you should be able to update as well.

If you wanted a newer version than the current stable, you would have to spin up a droplet using the beta or alpha versions. I do not recommend doing this on a production website as the stable would be recommended for that.

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