CouchDB server not resolving through DNS

April 20, 2019 233 views
DNS Ubuntu 16.04

I have a CouchDB database running on a Ubuntu 16.04 droplet. Yesterday I registered a domain and configured my DNS settings so that the domain points to the droplet. This seems to be working:

But I'm unable to reach the CouchDB server through the domain. Compare: - Receives a response - Doesn't receive a response

Chrome gives a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. Firefox just gives a "We're having trouble finding that site."

Ultimately, I have a vue-cli static site, an expressjs node server, and this CouchDB server, all of which I'd like to serve from this droplet over SSL. I know there are any number of ways to approach this, but from my poking around it seems like I might be best off installing nginx and configuring it as a reverse proxy for each of these other resources. This would mean I could configure the SSL cert only once (on nginx), and I would be absolved of CORS issues since the browser could be fetching all resources from the same domain / port, with nginx redirecting traffic under the hood.

Is it a sane option to begin with vue-cli's Docker / nginx deployment tutorial, and then add settings for the express server and couchdb server?

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Update from several hours later: it works!

I guess (this IS a guess, DNS is mysterious to me) that some portions of the DNS propagation had completed (hence the partial success on mxtoolbox) and that some other portions had not. I had waited overnight, so I figured that wouldn't be the case.

Update from several hours later again: it doesn't work. This is a surprise. Working is one thing, not working is another, but skipping back and forth is completely confusing.

Any ideas?

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