Could i Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack Ubuntu 16.04 on Window 8

January 13, 2017 2.7k views
LAMP Stack

just i wan to know can i install LAMP Stack on my window 8.

2 Answers

Tutorial here, on DigitalOcean is based for Ubuntu OS. As you are using Windows that will not work in your case.

You can use XAMPP for Windows, in my case it worked flawless.

However, for Windows 10 users, they can use LAMP tutorial in Ubuntu mode that came in anniversary update.


If you’re simply wanting to run a LAMP stack on Windows, use XAMPP. If you’re wanting to run a full instance of Ubuntu, there’s two main options to choose from:

1). Use VirtualBox or;

2). Dual-Boot Windows & Linux on your desktop/laptop.

Running XAMPP is going to be the easiest solution as it’s going to provide an out-of-box solution that will get you up and running quickly with minimal hassle and/or configuration.

If you choose VirtualBox or, the more semi-complex method, dual-booting, you will be responsible for setting up Apache/NGINX, PHP, and MySQL/MariaDB on your own as well as managing them.

** I say semi-complex as I don’t know if you’ve ever dual booted before. It’s not difficult, but takes a bit more time as you need to partition your disk(s) and ensure that you’re not trying to install Linux over your Windows installation as that could easily destroy your Windows installation altogether.

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