Could not connect to the server via ssh using putty terminal

October 26, 2013 8k views my ip
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  • login in Digital Ocean

    1. Click on Droplet tab 2.Select the Droplet that is not responsding
    2. Off the droplet (this might take few minutes)
    3. again On the droplet once turned off. this worked for me
5 Answers
Port 22 is closed, either you changed the default port or the service is not running
I am not able to login now,via Digital ocean console. And time out exception via Putty. How I can open port?
Check if the sshd service is running an if you are not blocking the port 22 with a firewall

service sshd status
iptables -L
Sounds like you screwed up your droplet. I'd just destroy it and create it again.
thanks! Yes it is better to re-create droplet
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