Could not resolve mirrors.digitaloccean.com

September 11, 2014 4.9k views


When I try to run apt-get update or anything else I get this error Could not resolve mirrors.digitaloccean.com.

I cannot do anything with my droplet.

Do you know what the problem might be?

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  • I had this problem while running Virtualmin and trying to fix a mailer issue. I changed the resolution order to start with the host file instead of DNS just to see if that would fix it, but it just ended up messing with my updates. I changed it back to DNS first and it worked fine again.

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The DigitalOcean mirrors are resolving correctly for me. You wrote mirrors.digitaloccean.com above. Is that just a typo in your question or is that what's actually on your system? It should be mirrors.digitalocean.com Make sure your sources are correct:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list


I have the same issue, and I will love not to rebuild my droplet

  • I agree. I would rather not rebuild my droplet. It took long enough to get it set up and I don't really have the time nor energy to set it up again.

It was something wrong with the droplet. I rebuild it and I could use normal commands and the problem is solved.

I know this is really old, but I had this same issue and have not seen a fix for it yet.

I am thinking this happened because I decided to turn off my BIND dns server within webmin, I was trying to use digitalocean for all my dns needs instead. I haven't tested whether this was the cause.

I contacted support and was given two things to do.

The first (did not work for me):

rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
apt-get clean
apt-get update 

The second (did work):
change nameserver to and/or in /etc/resolv.conf

Since I am using Virtualmin/ Webmin, I couldn't just change this file, so I had to do it within webmin. I changed it in two places:
webmin>Networking>Network Configuration>Hostname and DNS Client
These were secondary to, so I just removed that one and moved these up on the list.
webmin>Networking>Network Configuration>Host addresses
changed to where it coincides with my web address.

A simple reboot fixed the problem for me. I hope you are as lucky as me.

sudo reboot
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