CPU Spiked to 100% high php-fpm pool on droplet running wordpress

May 31, 2019 340 views
Ubuntu 18.04 WordPress

No recent changes to server, all of the sudden memory and CPU spikes last night. I’ve deleted all plugins and get the same result. Server is managed via runcloud.io running PHP7.3

Tried restarting server and all services cpu immediately spikes back up. Site is used for development only, shows virtually no traffic in “Bandwidth Public” graph on DigitalOcean graphs.

2 Answers

You could try adjusting the following:

pm = dynamic

and change it to:

pm = ondemand
  • Where do I make this change?

    • Hello,

      You should make the chances in your PHP FPM config file. By default the configuration file location is at:


      Hope that this helps!

Hey, I came here to make the same question.

I have two droplets, and one of them contains a Wordpress website. I have some high CPU alerts configured in Slack, and the droplet with the Wordpress is sending alerts every day, the other droplet is fine.

I did no recent changes to the Wordpress droplet, so I wonder how can we debug this problem.

Did you already find a solution for this?


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