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April 26, 2015 13k views
DigitalOcean Arch Linux Server Optimization

Hello, I’m new to Digital Ocean and I want to take out some doubts before buying some plan. Wish to know if it has CPU Usage and memory limited to 25% as other hosts or how this works.

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I think the question would be best answered by the DO staff, but as from usage point a view, there are times when due to a faulty plug in of my wordpress installation, RAM and CPU usage sky rocketed to that 100% (as shown in the DO panel graphs)

I didn’t receive any complain or ban.. But since my website become super slow (mind you it didn’t crash), hence I noticed it and then troubleshooted the problem to fix it for my self..

Since its a VPS meaning your own set of hardware resources (though virtual hardware) hence you are free to use the resource as you like..

But still wait for any official DO staff to clarify if they have any such rule.


We do not set a cap on CPU usage by default but we do monitor for droplets doing a consistent 100% CPU and may CPU limit droplets displaying this behavior. Since each droplet shares physical hardware with other droplets, constant 100% CPU use degrades the service quality for other users on the same node.

Thank you guys, the thing is that other host blocks people because of Jetpack plugin and it’s essential for us, as it gives infos that Analytics doesn’t. Sometime it gets from 25% to 26% and depending 30%, but never 100%. So I guess Digital Ocean looks like great.

What counts as ‘consistent 100% CPU’? If I need to use 100% cpu for up to a day or two at a time (for scientific modeling tasks), but not for 100% of the time, will this trigger any limits?

The problem is that i can’t find what is making our server max out processor. we have a simple wordpress and teamspeak

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