Crazy lag using Google Chrome in Console.

June 3, 2016 3.6k views
DigitalOcean Deployment

I had to reinstall Google Chrome today, and noticed after I did every Droplet I create suffers from ridiculous lag in the console.
It was working fine before this reinstall.
I am currently using mozilla firefox and it works just as Chrome did before this issue, so I guess I'll be using that for Digital Ocean for now.
However, would still like to know if there are any other possible solutions so I can continue using Chrome?

1 Answer

Why are you using the console instead of SSH?

  • I should have clarified, I don't use these droplets using the command-lines. I immediately create a new user, and install ubuntu desktop.
    I could not manage to connect through putty and use the GUI. Lack of guides for that, the only guide DigitalOcean provides is using XFCE. Which is useless for me.
    Using the default Droplet console, I can actually see my desktop. I posted a separate question just now here. Because I would like to use something else to connect to view my GUI desktop.

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