I have a website running with nginx (funides.com)
I want this subdomain “observatorio.funides.com” point to “funides.kingdatasolutions.com”.

What can I do?
The domain funides.com is hosted in nginx.


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Point observatorio.funides.com to your droplet and add the server block below to your NGINX configuration.

server {

  listen 80;
  listen 443;

  server_name observatorio.funides.com;

  location / {
    return 301 https://funides.kingdatasolutions.com$request_uri;


Adjust this part of the entry return 301 https://f... to reflect if the destination is using SSL or not.

  • It work, but make a redirect to kingdatasolutions.com. It’s possible no make a redirect and load funides.kingdatasolutions.com into observatorio.funides.com?

You could add a CNAME entry to observatorio.* that points to funides.kingdatasolutions.com

On the destination server (funides.kingdatasolutions.com) you will need to add an entry for observatorio.funides.com to handle it properly.

  • In the destination server I nee setup a A record o a CNAME record?
    if is A record should be:
    name: funides.kingdatasolutions.com

    If is a CNAME record should be:
    name: funides.kingdatasolutions.com
    value: observatorio.funides.com


    • I think you have it backwards from your original question and funides.kingdatasolutions.com being your destination.

      Add one of the following to your DNS entries for funides.com

      If you want to use an A:Record

      • observatorio.funides.com – points to –>

      If you want to use a CName:Record

      • observatorio.funides.com – points to –> funides.kingdatasolutions.com With a CName if the IP address for funides.kingdatasolutions.com gets changed, then observatorio.funides.com will be automatically updated.

      I can see you have already done this via the CNAME option

      At your destination (funides.kingdatasolutions.com) you will need to add an entry for observatorio.funides.com into your server configuration.

      For example if you’re using NGINX then update the server_name directive to look like this.

      server_name observatorio.funides.com funides.kingdatasolutions.com;
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