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Posted April 24, 2017 5.9k views
APIUbuntu 16.04

I getting started with DigitalOcean V2 API. When I tried create droplet with user data via API, server is created without executed my code. The same code when I did pasted in the browser and created droplet working properly.

This is my code:


sudo apt-get update
debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/mailname string"
debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/main_mailer_type string \'Internet Site\'"
apt-get install -y postfix
sudo postconf -e \'home_mailbox= Maildir/\'
sudo postconf -e \'virtual_alias_maps= hash:/etc/postfix/virtual\'

printf " root" > /etc/postfix/virtual
sudo postmap /etc/postfix/virtual
sudo systemctl restart postfix
sudo apt-get update
sudo ufw allow Postfix
echo \'export MAIL=~/Maildir\' | sudo tee -a /etc/bash.bashrc | sudo tee -a /etc/profile.d/
sudo apt-get install s-nail
echo \'init\' | mail -s \'init\' -Snorecord

What is the reason of my problem?

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2 answers

Hi @karolwojtyla820

I don’t see any closing ');, but I guess you just forgot to copy that.
I would guess it has something to do with the escaping of the '. Try changing all the \' to " and \'Internet Site\' to \"Internet Site\".
But from what I can remember, you need to #!/bin/bash on the first line - right now it’s on the second line.

Try running this command on the server to see what the user-data actually is:

curl -w "\n"


Instead of passing the data directly, I’d recommend passing it as a variable and using built-in functions such as file_get_contents.

For example:

$data = file_get_contents( '/path/to/' );

    [ $key ],

You’d then create a new file called and pass the path to file_get_contents.