Create many accounts

October 23, 2013 3k views
Hi, I've installed Centos 6, LAMP, proFTP and everything is OK. But I don't know, how can I create users on my VPS and launch many sites? How can I make next step? Thank you.
1 Answer
Check out Step Three of Initial Server Setup with CentOS 6 (on creating users). Also, IMHO, remove ProFTP and check out: How To Use Filezilla to Transfer and Manage Files Securely on your VPS.
by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial covers how to login with root, how to change the root password, how to create a new user, how to give the new user root privileges, how to change the port, and how to disable root login in. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu. When you first create your server, this tutorial explains the first steps you need to take. This tutorial is made for CentOS.
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