Created my account, no missing "Create team" in the dropdown

June 12, 2019 205 views

I just created my account
But I do not see “Create team” in the dropdown on my user image

(not this community account, ofcourse, but in my control panel)

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Hi martinaarhof -

The full explanation of how to create a team can be found in our Product Documentation here -

There are a few key steps to take into account:

  1. Your account must be fully activated with a payment method added and be in good standing
  2. If there are any holds/blocks on your account please reach out to support to get those resolved

In your case, I see that you had created and then removed a team account. On our Cloud Control Panel, if you’re not seeing the account dropdown by clicking on the arrow on the top right, next to your avatar, please share a screenshot of what you see in your dropdown. You can share it here (make sure to obfuscate an PII) or open a support ticket directly.


@zacharybk Hi Zach

The profile is JUST created (not my profile) so I cant see why it should be in bad standing. :)

Also, on my own profile I can create team, but I dont have added any creditcard information on it - But sure it asks me to add it when I create a team.

So why does the profile need a creditcard?

The profile in question is rp(at) (screenshot of the dropdown

Hey @martinaarhof

At this point in time, we do not permit the creation and activation of team accounts with PayPal as a billing method. Rest assured, you can add a valid debit/credit card to create your team and then add PayPal as a payment option after activating your team.

If you’re still having issues after adding a valid credit card to your account, please open a support ticket and we’ll check it out!

Thank you,

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