Creating droplets through API: Returning root password/define root password

January 21, 2019 500 views
API Ubuntu 18.04


Im working on an adminpanel for my business where I amongst other services run webservers for customers.
Ive managed to hook up to the API and are able to list out droplets and add new droplets based on the images I prefer.

My only problem right now is that when a server is created, I get the root password sent through email. Id like my adminpanel to generate an e-mail directly to the customer with the password.

Is there any way for the API to return the root password? Or can I define what root password I want the droplet to have?

Alternatively, can I automatically create a user with sudo access based on the customers name - and define that users password?

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Hi Simen

No one would want DO to keep track of their server’s root password and they’re right in not doing that. Your best bet is to set an SSH key at Droplet creation time and then issue a password reset via SSH.


  • Yeah that makes sense. So create an SSH key for my server(the one running the adminpanel), so it can connect and add a new user with sudo etc. automatically. Challenge accepted!

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