[Critical] I signedup and bought centos droplet added domain of godaddy but nothing is working

June 19, 2019 147 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

Dear Concern,

I signed up and bought centos droplet added domain of godaddy updated dns in godaddy.

When i goto console and SFTP its shows me that centos is setup
But when I browse my IP or open the domain I have added to

its not showing anything

Do I need to do anything further to make host service available to browse?

please help its critically urgent

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  • Are you hosting a website on your centos droplet, have you installed apache and configured it with your domain name?

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In addition to what Matti said, note that if you've just recently made your DNS change it might take up to a few hours for the DNS to propagate over the Globe before your domain name starts resolving. Have you tried pinging the domain?

Hey guys
thanks for help
I installed everything required from SSH and running perfect!

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