CSR Key For SSL Creation Problems & Advice Please..

October 4, 2014 3.1k views

Hi there

I'm looking for some advice please.

I'm trying to create a csr key for namecheap as I have purchased a domain ssl. I have my server set up with server pilot.

My site is a wordpress installed blog.

I followed the below instructions:


when I finish the instructions I don't get any key or code, just a line that says:


I can't for the life of me locate the key that I need to provide to namecheap.

I'm I doing something wrong here?

I contacted server pilot and asked them how I locate the key after the instructions and they replied:

"After running the commands in the tutorial the private key and csr you generated are in the directory:


the file names are:


This never helped me as I still can't find the code I need.

Sorry for the basic question.

Any advice would be really appreciated as this is starting to drive me insane!

Thanks in advance


1 Answer

You need to send the contents of ssk.csr (it should be ssl.csr but that's fine) to Namecheap. Then you'll get a signed certificate from Comodo or whatever CA you bought the certificate from which you can use for your website.

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