CSS Breaks due to throttling ...

February 26, 2015 2.2k views

I have Wordpress on Ubuntu 14.04 , I get 30000 views daily (mostly less than that) , I have 40$/month plan & I also have SWAP file. I also do caching.Still facing throttling error which breaks CSS of my pages , any solution ?

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  • this is a little confusing. Usually when a site is overloaded something crashes (mysql, apache2…)

    in your case, you are having CSS stop working properly. I am thinking this might have more to do with caching than with any sort of throttling.

    what do you mean by throttling exactly? It is my understanding that currently DigitalOcean is not enforcing any bandwidth limits.

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What are you using for caching?

How is your systems performing resource wise? are you you over using your resources?

Have you considering adding a second node and perhaps a load balancer?

You might consider offloading your static assets to a different server or cdn service. You might also look at cloudflare, they offer a free basic service that will give you decent caching and cdn services.

I use W3 Cache for my site & I am also using cloudflare.

How can I know that my systems performing resource wise or I am overusing them ?

  • My first suspicion would be Cloudflare. I don’t know how many jacked up sites I’ve seen using Cloudflare.

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