cURL issue with my prestashop

August 1, 2015 2.9k views

Hello. I recently changed the IP address that my prestashop website was on, and after that I found this error message with all recent orders.

“Verification failure (using cURL). Returned: cURL error:SSL connect errorVerification failure (using fsockopen). Returned: The PayPal transaction could not be VERIFIED.”

However, I’m still receiving paypal payments as usual though my customers are receiving ‘Payment error’ notice when their orders are placed.

I contacted both digitalocean and the paypal module developer.

Digitalocean says the module is the cause of this issue while the module developer says this is a hosting company related issue, so I don’t know whom I have to believe.

Can anyone solve this issue for me?

My problem is exactly same this.

Thank you.


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This question was answered by @mchaney:

nvm. While i did have curl enabled, i did have curl_exec() disabled. doh.

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