cURL script stopped working on ubuntu 14.04

June 10, 2016 1.2k views
PHP Ubuntu

Hello, I'm using for sending SMS via POST (PHP & cURL).

At first it was not working but then I removed "curl_exec" function from php.ini that was disabling it, which did the trick and everything was working fine but today it has stopped working suddenly. The script just loads and loads and does nothing.

Note- I have now added a timeout so my scripts stops trying after some time so the page doesn't load forever but it is not sending the SMS from the server.

*I don't know what is the problem because I have not made any changes to the script and it is working on localhost. *

Please help!

  • What is the contents of the curl command or script you are using? Block out any personal info / ids / passwords obviously.

  • Turns out the was blocking my server's IP. I contacted them and now everything is working fine.

  • Thanks for letting us know!

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