Custom nameservers, email vps and website vps

Posted May 9, 2014 2.1k views

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Just posted the question without body..sorry for that.

1) So we will be hosting clients, for the moment every client will be getting his own VPS with Vesta, can i use custom nameservers for their websites ? I mean for all clients use the same nameservers(using our own domain, not client's).
Is it better if we use one vps specifically for this purpose?

2) For our own emails i want to use a different VPS so in case our website's vps goes down for any reason we will still be able to receive and send emails...i will use but it needs to add mx etc so i think it will be safer to use a separate that right ? possible ?

Any help or suggestions about how we could setup/arrange this will be more than appreciated as any links to tutorials.

Sorry for the multiple messages...forgot to mention that we have multiple websites(6-7) using multiple domains and we have emails with all of those domains , so i need the email vps to handle all of those.
Hello Stelio,

About question 1, you can either setup your own DNS or use DigitalOcean DNS services. See the link for how to setup your own DNS ttps://

Now about question 2, you can install them all together which is not recomended. My suggestion is 3 different droplets, 1 running your website and mail server databases, 1 for your website and one for your mail server.
by Travis
This article will show you how to setup and configure the BIND DNS Server on CentOS 6.
Hi Marino,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Any tutorials you can suggest for setting the mail and website databases server while the domain/website will be on another server.

I'm coming from using mediatemple's vps for years so everything sounds kind of complex to me at the moment but i'm willing to learn...everything is kind of confused in my mind as until now i was using google apps or and i was editing the dns via plesk ..that was on the same vps as the actual website.

Here you will find how to setup a remote database, there is an example with WordPress but the idea is the same on every web application.

For mail server there are some tutorials in Digital Ocean Tutorials section but I haven't tried any of these. When I was setting up my personal mail server I used this tutorial here with some changes to make it work on Lighttpd web-server:
by Justin Ellingwood
When your site begins to get more visitors, you may have to think about how to handle the additional traffic. One easy way of doing this is to separate your database operations from your web server so that each can handle its own load. In this guide, we'll demonstrate how to do this for a WordPress site built on Nginx by configuring a remote MySQL database.
Thanks man. May the force be with you :)