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December 14, 2017 2k views
DNS Ubuntu 16.04

Hi folks!
I'm a total newbie with so mysterious DNS settings, and I just trying to setup my custom nameservers like that - The first thing I did - I read a tutorial here on DO. Then another tutorial. But anyway I can't understand where and which records I must add exactly. For example:

  1. In my domain registrar - which records I must add exactly?
  2. In my DO account - which records I must add exactly?

Any help will be much appreciated!!!

1 Answer

If you're not very familiar with how DNS works, I'd avoid using vanity or branded nameservers and just using ns{1,2,3} as the name servers you've delegated authority to.

by Pablo Carranza
Learn how to create vanity or branded nameservers with your Droplets.
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