Custom URL for google apps / gmail

September 18, 2013 9.1k views
Google apps says: To use the custom URL, you must change the CNAME record with your domain host. Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or alias: mail Set the CNAME destination to the following address: If I try and add a CNAME record and enter "mail" as name and "" as hostname then I get this error: Data needs to end with a dot (.) What am I doing wrong? (I feel like I must just not be understanding something fundamental about how DNS records work)
4 Answers has worked for me in the past, as well.
Replace with
Oh, haha, I dunno why I didn't try that. Thanks!

Does the custom URL appear even when using the mail application or does it only redirect to I’m only getting redirects, so wanted to confirm if that is normal.

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