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January 31, 2018 1.6k views
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Guys, I've been talking totally frustrated! I recently decided to migrate my clients to Digital Ocean. This week I'm gradually migrating all accounts. However, something very annoying happened and DO just does not answer me any more. They responded only once with a totally out-of-context response.

I follow these steps in migration.

1) I backup to the old server.
2) I transfer the backup directly between the servers. The speed of the network is faster, if it were to download on my machine and resending would take a long time.
3) I import the account on the new server (cpanel) and move the backup to a temporary volume.
4) I delete the old server backup because I need space to generate other backups.

After the migration I intended to download the files from the volume and destroy it. It turns out that to my surprise, during the incident "129x6k9l8b0m" my droplet had deleted files. I lost tens of GB of data. To be honest I fuck#$ beautifully, I'm trying to reduce the crap, making new backups of the imported accounts. Only the first files saved on the volume, the files saved later were lost.

But what do I do? You do not have a phone to call. They do not answer my ticket, they do not talk if they can recover the data, nor do they talk about what happened! Could do refund too!

I send the server history, showing the commands that moved the backup to the volume, and NO command was executed to delete volume data.

I'm very worried about leaving my clients staying here! Have you ever had this problem? Because I lost confidence in the company = /

If someone from DO support read this and help me out I'm really grateful.

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Now I'm in the same situation, on Wednesday we had a volume attached to a dropplet, today this volume dissapear literally. The support responds quickly but they only check the same console that I have access as a client. I checked the command history and NO command to unmount o destroy the volume.

that's really scary and surprising nobody from digital ocean dare reply such a post

  • Samuel, they responded via ticket. They argued that it was my fault, even sending all the logs, I showed all the commands executed on the machine. Something happened, but they say it's your fault, that the system is isolated, etc. But unfortunately I have lost confidence in them.

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