Database error with dns up? Website is fine? (wordpress)

November 11, 2014 2.7k views

I am having a very weird problem I feel I am overlooking.
My website at my server ip works very well, everything is great.
But I recently put up a DNS record to my domain at godaddy and changed the nameserver to | |

I also added the DNS record to my droplet in DNS panel on the website, added an A record “@” points to my server. along with “www” pointing to myserver. This is the setup I use on all my websites.

For some reason with this DNS up I get “error establishing a database connection” .

Any thoughts?

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It now works, but since the moment it transfered, it messed up all my css!! Why did this happen!?

I don’t use DO DNS servers, I wasn’t even aware they offer it, but seems like a DNS problem which usually solves over time once the changes on DNS propagate over the web. I recommend you to use as your main DNS/NS for your domains, as any change to the DNS only takes minutes and offers you a lot more of benefits.

Still tough you may want to set a hostname with FQDN on DO for your droplets, for reverse lookup.

Also I tried your website but i get a 500 error back, maybe you can tell us more about your setup.

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