Dates in french doesn't show up as it should on my website.

Posted March 30, 2015 4.5k views
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Hi I have a wordpress install on my droplet, the website is in french. I have an issue with the dates, they show up as “Le mars 28, 2015”, but they should show up as “le 28 mars, 2015”. Everything seems fine in WordPress

Someone told me to change the locale to french on the server, which I did but it still show up wrong.

Could it be a setting on the droplet or it’s definitely in WordPress?

It’s a one-click wordpress install and the url is


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4 answers

The setting is in WordPress. You should go to settings > general and you will see the date formatting options.

  • Thank you but thats not it, it is correctly set in WordPress. I also have a booking plugin that show the date in the wrong way. I feel it has something to do with the locale setting on the server, I change it to french but maybe I forgot something?

  • WordPress, from what I know, does not pull any date formatting from the system. The onlythings that can modify that are themes and plugins.

  • I want to assume your theme or plugin has the date format hardcoded into it because normal WordPress themes and plugins ask WordPress how to format it. So if it is not doing that, you will need to edit the theme and/or plugins to make them either formatted the way you want or use the functions the_date() and the_time() to pull them from the WordPress settings.

    More information here

That’s what I was thinking, but before I changed the locale on the server, even thought my wordpress installation is in french, it was showing the dates in english so that’s why I wonder if its related to the locale. I switch them to french but am i suppose to also input the way it shows?

date.timezone is good now thanks

SO finally it was in Wordpress. as Zachary_DuBois thought, it was hardcoded in a plugin.

Thanks guys!!!!