DDoS counter policy & measures

April 13, 2013 6.1k views
Hi! I wonder what your policy is with regard to incoming DDoS network attacks? * Will you try to filter the traffic based on heuristics, or just null route the affected dest IP(s)? * What happens to my network traffic bill when somebody launches a DNS amplication attack against my VPS? Cheers!
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If your droplet experiences a DDoS that might affect the hypervisor it is on (and ultimately other clients), the droplet will be shutdown and you will be notified.
I'm interested in the network traffic bill question as well : will you bill all the traffic that was generated through the DDoS (in & out), part of it, the part that occured until you take down the droplet, the part that occured until the IP got nullrouted, or ..?

We're interested in using digital ocean more in the future @ work for our client, but one of the requirement is crisp clear planning of the cost. If a single (unpredicatble) DDoS attack results in a high traffic bill ($100+) then this no viable option for us. Therefor the question.
I'm also curious about the end effects of a possible DDOS attack..
We do not bill for inbound bandwidth so that shouldn't be an issue.
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